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Combination of historic price with deployment data for 12 electricity storage technologies. Resulting experience rates enable future projection of investment cost. Results published in Nature Energy

Review of global and UK studies on electricity storage and flexibility capacity requirements in low-carbon power systems. Derivation of two approaches for system planners. 

An assessment on the meaning of short-term price fluctuations for long-term price developments when considering the Cobweb theorem on demand-supply impbalances in mature industries. 

Quantification of  renewable electricity production that can be used for electricity consumption as function of renewable penetration, solar vs. wind ratio and electricity storage.

Elicitation of expert estimates on future cost, lifetime and efficiency of lithium-ion batteries and electrolysers. Special focus on cost reduction drivers. Results published in Energy Policy and IJHE.

Impact of electricity storage on carbon emissions in the British power sector up to 2060. Calculation of marginal abatement cost curve for various storage technologies based on investment cost projections.

Collection of cost data for lead-acid batteries back to the 1880s. Analysis of long-term cost reductions yields insights on potential development for more recent storage technologies like lithium-ion. 


Review of revenue potentials for electricity storage across applications and geographies. Matching it against projected lifetime cost reveals three sweet spots for electricity storage profitability. 

Analysis of cost associated with raw material inputs for storage technologies. Insights on absolute cost floor for current technologies. Results published in Nature Energy (Supplementary Material). 

Impact of policy measures on the business case for behind-the-meter storage in the UK. Special focus on enabling benefit-stacking of bill management, energy arbitrage and peak reduction.  

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Quantification of lifetime cost for 9 technologies in 12 applications from 2015 to 2050. Insights on competitiveness of each technology in each application. Results published in Joule

Insights from technology providers and market enablers on availability and suitability of electricity storage technologies in energy access applications. Results published in Shell report and ESD

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Life cycle assessment of five lithium-ion battery chemistries for residential storage based on 73 commercially-available battery systems. Results published in Journal of Energy Storage.  

What would the worldmap look like if country sizes reflected installed utility-scale battery capacity? It shows that the potential value of electricity storage is mostly confined to 'developing economies'.

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