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Dr Oliver Schmidt

Oliver is the founder of Storage Lab. He works as project manager at Apricum - The Cleantech Advisory on cleantech strategy projects with a focus on solar PV and energy storage. He is also a visiting researcher at Imperial College London where he supervises various research projects on the economics of energy storage. 


Oliver holds a Ph.D. from Imperial on the future cost development and value of energy storage. He has previously worked on energy transition topics as energy analyst at the International Energy Agency and as a management consultant at E.ON. He is also the co-founder of Power Swarm, a cross-sectoral network of professionals in the cleantech industry. His background is in mechanical engineering and renewable energy from Imperial College London and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich.

Oliver lives in Berlin and London. Beyond his work at Storage Lab, he enjoys playing tennis, travelling to exotic places and discussing issues that really matter in the pub.

Dr Iain Staffell

Iain Staffell is a multi-disciplinary scientist holding degrees in Physics, Chemical Engineering and Economics. He is a lecturer in Sustainable Energy at the Centre for Environmental Policy with ten years’ experience in energy R&D. 

His research centres on decarbonising electricity systems, ranging from the economics of battery storage and nuclear power to efficient ways of integrating renewables into electricity markets, modelling their impacts plus technical and economic solutions.

Iain is co-developer of the, an open web platform that lets you simulate the hourly power output from wind and solar power plants located anywhere in the world.

The Storage Ninja

The Storage Ninja is our digital team member. It compiles the methodologies developed by us at Imperial College London and enables you to use them in a relatively easy user-interface. Specifically, the Storage Ninja enables you to assess: 

  • Profitability of electricity storage technologies in all possible applications

  • Lifetime cost of electricity storage technologies in all possible applications

  • Comparison of lifetime cost of electricity storage technologies against one another

  • Cevenue potential in arbitrage application

  • Future investment cost of electricity storage technologies based on cost-reduction rate and market scale-up

  • Amount of electricity storage needed in power systems with high shares of wind and solar power generation

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