• New article confirms that NMC lithium-ion battery pack prices will fall below the 100 US$/kWh threshold in next 3-4 years - 11.10.2020

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  • "What would the worldmap look like if country sizes reflected installed utility-scale battery capacity?" - 19.02.2020 (Worldmap)

  • Article published on quantifying the impact of six policy measures on the investment case for residential storage in the UK - 24.12.2019

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  • New book on 'Technological Learning in Energy System' published, co-authored by Iain and Oliver -  22.11.2019

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  • Article on gravity based energy storage published in The Guardian quoting a report by Storage Lab - 21.10.2019

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  • Academic paper and industry report on the role of energy storage for energy access in developing countries published - 9.11.2018

  • Power Swarm, a network to connect energy transition professionals in the UK, initiated by Iain, Malte and Oliver - 18.10.2018

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  • A webinar on 1st February will present the LCOS analysis by Storage Lab for a novel bulk electricity storage technology - 24.012018

  • "A Green Light for Electric Cars" by believe Earth with comments from Storage Lab - 08.01.2018

  • Future cost and performance of water electrolysis and lithium-ion batteries estimated by leading expert - 20.12.2017

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  • Oliver receives the Student Award 2017 of the European Association for Storage of Energy (EASE) - 06.11.2017

  • Storage Lab discusses the potential role for Power-to-Gas in future energy systems for Interfax Natural Gas Daily (p. 3) - 30.10.2017

  • Storage Lab publishes report on the Levelised Cost of Storage for Gravity Storage in collaboration with Heindl Energy GmbH - 29.10.2017

  • Presentation on future cost of storage and business case profitability at 12th SDEWES conference - 08.10.2017

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  • Presentation of future cost of storage based on experience rates at the Energy Systems Conference 2016 - 15.06.2016

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