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Energy storage is one of the enablers of the low carbon energy transition. Markets are growing rapidly as prices fall, and so storage is attracting attention worldwide. Businesses, policymakers and academics alike need to understand the wide range of storage technologies, the applications they can serve in, and the methods, data and tools to evaluate their current and future economic potential.

This book combines rigorous methods with rich datasets to provide objective and transparent evidence on the cost reduction potentials and the value that energy storage can provide across low-carbon electricity systems and clean transportation. Clear and authoritative explanations are supported by a practical online platform that empowers readers to conduct their own bespoke economic assessments.

Access the digital version of the book. 


"Essential for me as an investor to navigate this complex, fast-paced energy storage industry.”

Gerard Reid, Alexa Capital

“A must-read for industry and policy professionals.”

Julia Souder, Long Duration Storage Council

“Ground-breaking - an essential read”

Professor Dan Kammen, UC Berkeley

“The go-to resource … exemplary in terms of academic rigour set in a real-world context”

Professor Jim Skea, IPCC

“I love some of Schmidt and Staffell’s charts — they make complex trade-offs much easier to understand.”

Michael Liebreich, Liebreich Associates

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