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Storage Lab is a research hub for electrical energy storage. We investigate the future cost of storage and the value it can provide to low-carbon energy systems. Our projects combine academic research with industry expertise to develop meaningful economic and system-relevant insights on electricity storage. Storage Lab is led by Dr Oliver Schmidt.

Cost of electricity storage


Future investment cost


Raw material cost


Levelised cost of storage

Environmental cost.png

Environmental cost

Value of electricity storage


Renewables integration



Light bulb.png

Energy access


Global deployment


  • PV magazine speaks to Oliver in a 5min video about his outlook for energy storage and electrolyzers.- 02.02.2023

  • Connected World looks at the role of energy storage and distribution in future power grids - 10.01.2023

  • Energy Storage Global Conference 2022 features discussion on contractual models for energy storage in C&I applications - 13.10.2022 

  • WIRED publishes on gravity-based energy storage solutions, including insights derived by Storage Lab - 04.01.2022

  • Oliver shares insights on gravity-based energy storage systems in Science magazine - 22.04.2021

  • New article confirms that NMC lithium-ion battery pack prices will fall below the 100 US$/kWh threshold in next 3-4 years - 11.10.2020

  • Overview of maps on energy storage projects with information on location, technology, power and energy published - 28.07.2020 (Link)

  • "Storage at 20 USD/MWh? Breaking down the low-cost solar-plus-storage PPAs in the USA" - 25.03.2020 (Apricum) (Energy Storage News)

  • Article published on comparative life cycle assessment of lithium-ion battery systems - 20.02.2020 (Publication) (Accepted manuscript)

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