Storage Lab is a research hub for electrical energy storage. We investigate the future cost of storage and the value it can provide to low-carbon energy systems. Our projects combine academic research with industry expertise to develop meaningful economic and system-relevant insights on electricity storage. Storage Lab is led by Dr Oliver Schmidt.

Cost of electricity storage


Future investment cost


Raw material cost


Levelised cost of storage

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Environmental cost

Value of electricity storage


Renewables integration



Energy access


Global deployment


  • "Storage at 20 USD/MWh? Breaking down the low-cost solar-plus-storage PPAs in the USA" - 25.03.2019 (Apricum) (Energy Storage News)

  • Article published on comparative life cycle assessment of lithium-ion battery systems - 20.02.2019 (Publication) (Accepted manuscript)

  • "What would the worldmap look like if country sizes reflected installed utility-scale battery capacity?" - 19.02.2019 (Worldmap)

  • Article published on quantifying the impact of six policy measures on the investment case for residential storage in the UK - 24.12.2019

  • Bloomberg interviews Oliver on Electric Insights report - 04.12.2019

  • New book on 'Technological Learning in Energy System' published, co-authored by Iain and Oliver -  22.11.2019

  • Oliver answers Q&A on the future of energy storage at Smart Energy Forum in Prague - 19.11.2019 (in Czech) (in English)

  • Article on gravity based energy storage published in The Guardian quoting a report by Storage Lab - 21.10.2019

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