Storage at 20 USD/MWh? Breaking down the low-cost solar-plus-storage PPAs in the USA

Photo credit: 8minute Solar. Impression of the planned Eland 400 MW solar + storage project in Kern County, California By Florian Mayr, partner and head of the energy storage and green mobility practices, Hannes Beushausen, principal, and Oliver Schmidt, senior consultant, at Apricum – The Cleantech Advisory Over the past few years, a series of renewables-plus-storage projects announced across the USA created headlines and raised eyebrows due to the extremely low combined PPAs involved. Starting in 2015 with a 139 USD/MWh PPA signed by KIUC of Hawaii, we then saw the next landmark reached in 2017 with a 45 USD/MWh agreement by Tucson Electric Power of Arizona – only to be surpassed last year

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